How is money raised?

The funds for the St. James’s Place Foundation come primarily from three sources along with Gift Aid and interest:

  • Regular monthly covenant income from members of the Partnership and employees
  • Fundraising events or challenges
  • Pound for pound matching by the St. James’s Place Wealth Management Group.

In addition, individuals and businesses such as our fund managers, suppliers and our service centres often generously support the Foundation.

All money raised by the St. James's Place community goes to the Foundation's chosen charities. Nothing is deducted for expenses. Further to matching funds raised, St. James's  Place covers the administrative expenses, overheads and staff costs of the Foundation. 

In 2016, Partners and employees of St. James's Place raised over £7.6 million including Company matching and gift aid. The St. James's Place community has raised over £25 million over the last five years. 

Covenant income

More than 85% of the Partnership and employees give on a monthly basis. This raises in excess of £1.2 million per year, which is double to over £2.4 million with company matching and Gift Aid.


The Foundation continues to be reliant on the incredible generosity of the St. James’s Place community, both in terms of sums donated but also the time set aside to attend or organise events in support of the Foundation. Many Partners and employees raise significant sums by taking part in these organised events or creating their own fundraising events, from walks and cycle rides to mountain treks, triathlons, talent competitions and quiz nights. Find a list of our upcoming events now.

Palace to Palace Challenge

Just giving

If you would like to make a donation, please follow the link below to the St. James’s Place Foundation Just Giving page. 

Thank you, we appreciate your support.

Company matching

From day one, the Directors decided that the company would make contributions to the Foundation when it was in a financial position to do so. From 1999, the company was able to honour its commitment, with full shareholder approval, by matching all funds raised by Partners and staff, pound for pound, and this continues to be the case today.